In Progress

Currently I am up to my eyeballs in writing assignments for Clean Run magazine. I’m working on my first in a series of four articles on flooring for agility facilities. This is my third take on this topic over the years. I can’t say that I enjoy writing these articles AT ALL but they are useful and people ask us about the topic a lot so they need to be done. It’s kind of like eating salad. With no dressing. And it’s just mostly watery lettuce.  Not the green parts of the lettuce either, the hard, white parts that you probably should throw away. But you didn’t because you were lazy.

Fortunately this month I also got to have a hot fudge sundae; I wrote the editorial for the May issue. Love, love, love writing editorials! This one is currently titled Be Aware Before You Share and it is a look at what can happen when post on social media asking for help in solving agility training problems.

I’ve also got my usual Everything You Want to Know training column due. This month we have a few updates from agility organizations as well as some questions to answer, which I have not yet answered.

Everything except the editorial is overdue. Fortunately, I’m turning them into myself so I haven’t sent myself a late notice yet or anything. I’m nice like that.


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