Social Media Stuff=Work AND Fun

Today as part of my work I got to share some new toys with my dogs (Lotus balls, as well as record a little intro to what will be the May promo video for Clean Run magazine. 2016-03-28 11.22.23

Tessa trying out the Lotus Ball.

Filming for Clean Run is always a challenge for me. My equipment is primitive and the only place I can film that is bright enough and that has a place to put up a backdrop thingo is the floor of my kitchen. There’s a lot of grunting I have to edit out as I get up and down to check out the camera. So sexy.

Today I only shot a brief intro, so it wasn’t too painful. No cue cards necessary. There may have been a Chihuahua in my lap at points, but you can’t see him so he doesn’t exist. I’m a complete professional. 🙂

In other writery news, a brief article I wrote for a blog about misconceptions of dog training is being picked up by the Pet Professional Guild for their blog. I’ll let you know when that goes online. I’m sure you are all holding your breath about that 🙂

Finally, I’ve written the first draft of a new flash fiction story. It’s interesting how my fiction writing process is changing. My first two stories ended up very similar to their first drafts. I made a lot of changes through the drafts but the basics of the stories stayed true. My third one morphed A LOT through the several months between its creation and completion. I chopped off the beginning of the story, starting in the middle, and flipped my ending from a happy one to one that is… less than happy. It’s a much better story now but I’m telling you, there were parts where I almost threw in the towel on that one.

I suspect this new story, tentatively titled “Love Knots,” will be the same. I just kind of threw the ideas on the page (screen?) and I plan on some major rewriting. It’s kind of interesting to work this way. Very different from the way I write nonfiction.

I’m starting to get anxious to hear how my stories did in the last Women on Writing contest. Waiting is hard!


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