So now I’m a magazine planner, or something.

I’ve been working on an exciting new project and FINALLY I can tell you all about it!


This is the December issue. Can’t wait for January!

Late this summer, my good friend and co-worker Kathy Mocharnuk and I were given the opportunity to plan the entire January 2019 issue of Clean Run magazine! Determine the content, hire writers, manage our budget for the issue (THAT WAS TOUGH), the whole nine yards. In the process we learned that magazine planning is a lot more challenging than we thought! We also decided that we had a particular direction we wanted to go with the issue, and that starting several new series (and continuing some existing ones) would be a big part of that.

Which meant that, well, we couldn’t just plan one issue, could we? I mean, we had SERIES involved….

So we planned arcs, looked through previous submissions that haven’t run yet, sifted through proposals, and then we sent the editor, who at this point was only expecting one issue, a plan that arced across the year. We submitted it with a bit of an apology, but it was well received.

And so we went about the nuts and bolts of really planning it all.

A whole magazine. EXCITING!

We’ve worked hard to piece out the types of topics people of all skill and interest levels want so that we can serve everyone with something they need in each issue. We’re working on a way to make it easier for a reader to find their favorite topics each month. We’ve surveyed, we’ve analyzed, and we are ready for January!

We’ve got more work to go on the rest of the year after we see how the layout works – and what the managing editor thinks about it once it is all fit together. But we are really excited about it!

Our theme for January is NEW BEGINNINGS! And while Clean Run magazine won’t be radically different, and you won’t miss out on all your favorite stuff, we think that the changes and the mindset behind them will make the magazine really valuable to a wide variety of readers. We hope you agree!

If you don’t already subscribe and want to join the journey with us, purchase your subscription by December 12th. The info is here.